How to Build Back-Yard Horseshoe Pits

When I decided to build horseshoe pits in my yard I found that there were not a lot of resources available online.  I decided to try and document how I built mine to share with anyone who might be interested in building their own.   

My horseshoe pits are more or less "regulation", but you can make your own tweaks to these plans to make your pits in your own design.  I hope you find the information here helpful.  Have fun!

The fist step in building these horseshoe pits was measuring the areas of grass that would be cut up.  I used the National Horseshoe Pitching Association of America's specifications to  determine the dimensions for my pits.  The posts should be 40 feet apart, so first make sure that the location you select can meet that requirement (with plenty of room for the rest of your construction, players to move around, etc.).   
The photo above was taken after I measured out the area to be used for the pits, and a sod cutter was used to tear up the grass.  The small dowels to the left were the markers and had outlined the area prior to using the machine.  I measured enough space to accommodate the box itself as well as the brickwork that would be placed on either side and the back-stops as well.  I left myself a 6 inches of so extra space on each side as well.

This picture was taken after all of the grass had been removed.  We shoveled it out and dug down a little bit to make sure we got the all of the roots so that it would hopefully not re-grow up though the pits over the years.

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